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Rubbish Collection

When choosing our company to remove your unwanted items, we ensure that we do so in an environmentally effective manner.

Removing unsightly waste from your home or business can often be a long and difficult process. If you want to make sure that you are going to make the most environmentally friendly choice, you need to consider a rubbish collection service that utilizes recycling and donations. Our team can remove a wide range of items from your property whether it is old electronics, furniture, scrap, or random unwanted items.

By regularly recycling items that we are working with, we ensure that we can reduce the overall costs of your waste removal while also benefitting the community. As rubbish removal experts, we have the knowledge and the expertise as well as the lifting equipment to keep your business or home junk free.

We can remove rubbish from your property safely and with complete health and safety training, insurance, and specialist equipment.

Green waste

We specialize in the removal of green waste including yard waste, leaves, debris and more. Whether you have performed a yard cleanup, or you simply need access to quick removal after a storm has taken place, we can make sure that you have access to affordable green waste removal. Contact us today and we can remove any type of grass clippings or green waste and relocate it to a proper disposal site.


Clutter can quickly disrupt your business operations and whether you are facing clutter as a result of extra waste for your property, or you need access to clutter removal because you’ve upgraded your office furniture, we are a team that can assist you today.


Our team assist with household waste removal including support for appliances, furniture and more. We work with a number of local charities to ensure that we can offer quick removal and redistribution on items from all over Noosa. We want to help the community as well as divert more items from local landfills. With our household waste collection, we can remove items across your home to keep your gardens, garage, or basement free of clutter.

If you need professional and established rubbish removal company in Noosa, contact us today. Mates Rates has the tipper trailers, the teams, and the expertise to provide you with the best in removal solutions for your needs.